It’s already February, which means that in Japan, Middle School students are now preparing to enter high school. However, it seems that one viral tweet is giving a few students a bit of a reality check, as it reminds them that real-life high school is waaaaaaay too different from what they see on anime.

Japanese twitter user, @official_satani, said this in a tweet:

To all of you who are starting high school this year:
● You will not be allowed to eat lunch on the roof of the school.
● Your school’s student council won’t have any real power.
● You won’t be able to start a new school club on your own.
● Your grades won’t suddenly improve just because you got into high school.
● Please enjoy an active love life. Don’t expect to find a girlfriend right away though.
● You won’t have a wacky classmate who comes up and says hi to you right at the start of the school year and becomes your best friend.
The viral tweet got Japanese twitter talking, and received plenty of likes, retweets, and comments. One commenter even said that Official Satani forgot that “The guy sitting next to the window isn’t any more likely to secretly have world-saving superpowers than anyone else.”
However, the tweet got a more optimistic rebuttal of sorts from Japanese twitter user, @rihonana0707:

To all of you who are starting high school this year:
● You won’t be allowed to go out onto the roof.
● The student council is just busywork.
● Starting a new club takes a lot of effort.
● Most people’s grades slip at the beginning of their first year of high school.

But you’ll have more youthful opportunities than you did in junior high, you’ll see more aspects of the world than you ever did before, you can make lots of friends, and a boyfriend or girlfriend too.

This is your one and only time to be a high school student, so spend it in a way you won’t regret.

So, which one should you follow? Both takes are very much taken from reality, as schools usually don’t allow students in the roof anymore because of safety reasons, more likely to prevent accidents or worse, suicides.

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Source: Sora News 24


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