In Japan, manga is a billion yen industry, and a ton of the money comes from those compiled tankoubon volumes. Every year, millions of these compiled tankoubon volumes are sold around the world, and become part of the manga collections of fans. However, the sad reality is, some of these volumes don’t get sold out. Sure, sometimes a manga is so good that it requires reprints because copies get sold out, but that doesn’t happen every time.

Like most media, there will always be flops in the manga industry, as several titles struggle to barely even sell hundreds of copies. Hey, even big titles like One Piece and Gintama struggle to sell every copy sometimes. Of course, this leads to a surplus of copies that are left unsold in stores. So, what happens to them? Controversial Hi-Score Girl mangaka, Rensuke Oshikiri, recently visited a factory owned by Kodansha. This factory deals with unused manga, which haven’t been sold for quite some time already. It seems that the mangaka has witnessed something that could break any mangaka or manga fan’s heart, and that is seeing manga get torn to shreds.

Oshihiri admitted he saw some of his own manga in there getting shredded, and that must have been heart-breaking. He says that the recycled manga then get turned to toilet paper, which must be truly gut-wrenching for a mangaka to handle, seeing the manga he worked sleepless nights for getting turned into something we wipe excrement with…

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