A stage presentation during AnimeJapan 2018 revealed more details about the upcoming My Hero Academia movie. This includes revealing its new official title, My Hero Academia THE MOVIE: Futari no Hero (My Hero Academia the Movie: The Two Heroes). They also revealed a brand new key visual by the anime’s character designer, Yoshihiko Umakoshi.

According to the announcement, the movie’s story will be taking place after the Final Exam Arc, around the same time during the Forest Training Arc.” They also revealed that it will take the UA students in an overseas trip on a man-made floating city called “I Island.”

As for its Japanese release, the anime’s staff confirmed it will premiere on August 3, 2018. They previously revealed that it will have an original story not found in Kouhei Horikoshi’s original manga. In fact, the mangaka himself is writing the story. BONES will once again be animating the project, with Kenji Nagasaki directing it.

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