Prepare for Issei shouting “Oppai!” on top of his lungs once again, as High School DXD returns with a new season in High School DXD HERO. Now, the anime’s official website has updated, and it reveals a few more details. This includes a brand new key visual featuring the new season’s new character designs.

Aside from the new key visual, the website also revealed that the anime will premiere on April 10. AT-X will first show the new episodes before Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, BS11, and other channels.

From the previous announcement, it seems that the new season will be following the Hero Faction Arc of Ichiei Ishibumi’s hit light novel series. In this arc, Issei and the rest of the Gremory Family take on the Hero Faction, a Breakaway Group from the dreaded Chaos Brigade.

It seems that the fourth season will be having new character designs, as well as a new studio. Passione will be taking over the animation production for TNK, which previously produced all High School DXD TV anime seasons and OVAs. Meanwhile, Yoshifumi Matsuda will be directing the series. More details will be announced about the new anime soon, so stay tuned.

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