The Macross franchise is currently celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. Another brand is celebrating an important anniversary, and that’s Dengeki Hobby, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Now, in a new collaboration, Dengeki Hobby has announced life-size figures of Macross Frontier’s two main heroines, Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee. And yes, Macross Frontier is also celebrating an important anniversary as well, 10th in fact.

For their life-size statues, Sheryl will be wearing her outfit for “Lion,” while Ranka will wear her outfit for the “Seikan Hikou” OP. Both songs are the most identified with each character.

Sculptors are now working on the data for these two statues, and it seems that Hobby Japan is planning to sell them. However, they will be revealing their prices and release dates in the days to come. And since these are life-size statues, they won’t come cheap. Expect them to have price tags of around 2 million yen, and that still doesn’t include the shipping costs.

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