The Winter 2018 anime season is almost over, and Spring is right around the corner. And with the current batch of anime ending, it’s almost time for some new anime to take over. And while spring will feature plenty of new returnees like High School DXD, Hozuki’s Coolheadedness, The legend of the Galactic Heroes, and of course, Full Metal Panic, we’re also getting some new titles as well. We’re taking a look at some of these new titles, specifically, ones we think people should watch out for next month. But remember, these are new titles, so we’re not including spin-offs like Sword Art Online Alternative, and new seasons like Full Metal Panic IV. We’ve chosen seven new titles, and here they are:

WotaKoi, Love is Hard for Otaku

After discovering that they work at the same company, a gaming crazed otaku and a fujoshi reunite for the first time since middle school. After some post-work drinking sessions they begin dating, but will it be a perfect relationship for the two?

So, a gamer and a fujoshi go into a relationship after reuniting? Well, this one would certainly be for the heart of those romantics out there, that’s for sure.

Golden Kamuy

In Hokkaido, the far northern lands of Japan, Sugimoto survived the Russo-Japanese war of the Meiji era. Nicknamed “Sugimoto the Immortal” during the war, he now seeks the riches promised by the gold rush in hopes of saving the widowed wife of his now deceased comrade from the war. During his hunt of gold, he finds hints of a hidden stash of gold by corrupt criminals. Partnering with an Ainu girl that saves his life from the harsh climates of the north, they venture into a survival adventure to race against the criminals that seek the hidden stash.

Based on Satoru Noda’s bestselling, critically-acclaimed, and award-winning manga, this anime is coming in with a ton of hype. However, expect plenty of violence, so this anime wont be for the weak of heart.

Magical Girl Site

Aya Asagiri is a middle school girl who has problems both at school with bullying and at home from physical abuse by her brother. While browsing online, a website pops up on her computer featuring a creepy looking person. This person appears to take pity on her, and announces that she has granted Asagiri magical powers.

Don’t expect some fluffiness from this magical girl anime, because this one is as dark as they come. Yes folks, this one has some major Madoka Magica vibes, and is pretty psychological in nature. So if you’re expecting something along the lines of Nanoha, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, or even PreCure, don’t.

Tachibanakan: Love To Lie Angle

When Natsuno Hanabi went back to her hometown to study in high school, she thought that she will have a new wonderful life. But Tachibanakan, the dormitory she was going to live in, was not what she expected.

It’s a yuri love triangle! And what’s more is that title really is something. Very punny indeed.

Lost Song

Rin (Konomi Suzuki), an energetic girl who loves to eat, lives in a verdant frontier village. Deep within the royal palace in the bustling capital city, the songstress Finis (Yukari Tamura) spends her days in solitude. Both share a special power no other person has. A miraculous power that can heal wounds, create water and stir the wind — the power of song. Guided by destiny, the two young women each face an arduous journey with the power of song. The shadow of war looms over the kingdom, tainting even the miraculous songs with the blood of innocents. Loved ones meet their deaths as silent screams echo through a stone prison. As two destinies intersect, will the final song be one of despair, hope or…?

Netflix has been on a roll with their anime releases recently, with Violet Evergarden, B: The Beginning, Kakegurui, Fate/Apocrypha, and AICO: Reincarnation. And with an all-star cast, this musical anime titled Lost Song certainly shows a ton of promise. This one might premiere tomorrow on Netflix, and you can binge watch all episodes at that time, but we’re still counting this as part of the spring season.

Space Battleship Tiramisu

The human race extended its life field and greed to the vast reaches of space… In Space Era 0156, a war breaks out amidst all of the colonies in space. Earth begins to construct a new space battleship called Tiramisu in secret. Just as the war begins, one genius pilot steers the Tiramisu as a beacon of hope for humanity.

A mix of space opera, mecha, and comedy, this one promises to tickle your funny bone quite well, and that’s why people should look out for it next season.

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai

In the story, Mitsuyoshi Tada, a boy who has never known love, is taking pictures of the cherry blossoms in full bloom when he meets Teresa Wagner, a transfer student from Luxembourg. Upon arriving in Japan, she got lost, separated from her travel companion. Mitsuyoshi helps her and brings her to his grandfather’s coffee shop.

This cross-cultural romantic comedy’s title translates to Tada-kun doesn’t fall in love. And while that is the title, the series does have a potential to make you fall in love with it.

So, that’s our picks for this season’s new anime. Be sure to tune in tomorrow here at SGCafe for our picks for the returning anime!

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