The virtual YouTuber, Kizuna Ai, is currently the biggest virtual YouTuber in the video streaming site. Her Let’s Play videos and video blogs (vlogs) have been quite popular, and her channel has garnered 1.4 million subscribers. However, it seems that she’s also taking a step into TV fame as well. This is because she will be having her own TV show titled “Kizuna Ai no BEAT Scramble”.

Apparently, a producer “discovered” Ai in the internet and was impressed by her. In the show, she will host a variety of programs that will cover the latest trends in anime, gaming, music, and the internet itself. It will run for approximately 30 minutes and will premiere in April 2018.

They originally planned to make it a web show, with viewers paying to subscribe. However, they considered the limitations for that, and went forward into making it a TV show.

Virtual YouTubers like Ai are getting much popularity in the recent months. However, it was recently discovered that some of these cute virtual YouTubers are actually just guys. One such example is NoraCat, who was just outed as a middle-aged Japanese man. However, that didn’t derail some of the other virtual YouTubers, as some are gaining more and more popular, with even more popping up from time to time.

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