Anime fans can be downright cancerous, and they recently showed their ugly side after Darling in the Franxx’s 14th episode aired. This is because many fans, both Japanese and foreign, harassed members of the staff and cast of the anime.

They have particularly targeted the anime’s producer, Yuuichi Fukushima. The producer sent out two tweets praising the staff and cast for Episode 14. However, fans bombarded it with hate tweets, and it became so serious that it involved death threats. Some fans even threatened to kill Fukushima’s own family. Other commenters are also calling for him to kill the show’s writer, Hiroshi Seko.

However, a few other fans did come to defend the producer, as well as the other staff members, but the sheer number of haters seems to have overwhelmed them.

There are also reports of fans harassing Ichigo’s seiyuu, Kana Ichinose. This would be the newcomer’s first major role, but fans have been bashing her and her character online, and yes, there were some death threats made in the forums too. This all stems from Ichigo’s actions during the controversial episodes, and her efforts to separate Hiro from Zero Two. Fans even created the #Bitchigo on twitter to show their hatred for the character.

But then again, in the end, this is all pretty petty on the part of the angry fans. Sending death threats to anime staff because you didn’t like the episode is definitely not OK guys.

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