BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia has announced that they will be releasing an English version of FULL METAL PANIC! FIGHT! WHO DARES WINS for Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia). They will be releasing the game here in our region on May 31, 2018, and now, they’ve revealed a new PV:

They also announced some release bonuses for Southeast Asia as well. Retail Day-1 Premium exclusive for the Asia region, is a 3D figure of “Bonta-kun” in the form of a paper craft when you purchase a physical copy of the Standard Edition game! Quantity is limited, please purchase the game at retail stores on launch day and get this premium while stocks last! 

Fans will be rewarded with Digital Bonus (DLCs) which are 3 in-game Special Weapon Sets for arm-slaves with every purchase of a physical copy of the game on Day-1 at retail stores, or early purchase of a digital copy by downloading the game from launch day 31st May 2018 to 27th June 2018!

3 in-game Special Weapon Sets (DLCs):

  1. Boxer-2 Custom 76mm Shotgun (AP) Enhanced Cartridge
  2. ASG96-B Custom 57mm Smoothbore Gun
  3. GRAW-X Monomolecular Cutter (LD Prototype)

However, it is important to take note that:

  • Digital Bonus (DLCs) are available in limited quantity for both physical Day-1 purchase at retail stores and Early Purchase of digital version of the game. They are redeemable while stocks last.
  • Some retail stores may not have Digital Bonus (DLCs). Please check with local retailers before purchase.
  • Product content are subject to change without prior notice. Digital Bonus (DLCs) will expire on 30th May 2019. Please understand that Digital Bonus (DLCs) redemption may be terminated without prior notice.
  • Digital Bonus (DLCs) are eligible for Early Purchase of the digital version of the game downloaded from 31st May 2018 to 27th June 2018.
  • Redemption of the Digital Bonus (DLCs) requires connection to the Internet, and a valid Sony Entertainment PlayStation Network account. There is a possibility that the Digital Bonus (DLCs) may be available after launch date of the game.

The game will be released for the PlayStation 4 here in Southeast Asia on May 31, 2018.

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