Ladies and gentlemen, Hunter x Hunter is going back on hiatus. Who could have ever have seen that coming? According to Weekly Shounen Jump magazine, the hiatus will begin with the magazine’s 19th issue, which will be released on April 9, 2018.

However, Jump didn’t reveal when exactly will the manga return, which means this would be another indefinite hiatus. However, mangaka and hiatus king, Yoshihiro Togashi, did promise he will come back as soon as possible. But when he did, fans just rolled their eyes, bracing for another hiatus which might last for over two years again.

The manga just returned from its latest long hiatus last January, and that one started in August 2017. And while that one is considered short for Togashi standards, the manga’s other hiatuses are considered far too long. This is because his usual ones last YEARS on end.

Togashi’s usual excuse for his hiatuses has been poor health, though many fans are still doubtful of his reasons. Hopefully, we get to actually see the manga end in our lifetimes…

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