There are ton of popular works regarding China’s warring states era, and that includes Yasuhisa Hara’s Kingdom manga. It even received a successful TV anime adaptation. But now, it was announced that it will also receive a live-action movie adaptation.

And speaking of Yasuhisa Hara, the mangaka is also contributing to the movie’s screenplay. In fact, he says that the budget for the film looks incredible. He also added that working on the movie should be “absolutely fun”. However, they didn’t reveal any further details about the new movie just yet. It looks like we have to wait a bit for more details, huh?

The manga follows Shin and Hyou, War orphans from the Kingdom of Qin during the warring states era of China. However, they get separated, and some time later, Shin meets someone who looks like Hyou. Problem is, he is the boy who would become the next emperor of China.

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