Avengers will finally be screening in cinemas this weekend (or in other countries like the Philippines, already screening), and people are certainly hyped. And to celebrate the premiere, we’re taking a look at some Marvel comics characters (who may or may not have an MCU version), and what kind of servant they would most likely be if summoned in the Fate universe. We’ve already done this with Game of Thrones characters, so why not Marvel too, right? And without further ado…

Captain America: Shielder
Noble Phantasm: Vibranium Shield

Iron Man: Rider
Noble Phantasm: Hall of Armors

Black Widow: Assassin
Noble Phantasm: Stingers

Corvus Glaive: Lancer
Noble Phantasm: The Glaive

Valkyrie: Saber
Noble Phantasms: Dragon Fang and Aragorn the Winged Horse

Loki: Caster
Noble Phantasm: Staff of Mischief

Hulk: Berserker
Noble Phantasm: World Breaker, Green Scar

Hawkeye: Archer
Noble Phantasm: Trick Arrows

Wolverine: Berserker
Noble Phantasm: Rapid Regeneration, Adamantium Skeleton, Adamantium Claws, Berserker Rage

Deadpool: Assassin
Noble Phantasm: Curse of Thanos (cannot die), Carbonadium Blade, There is no 4th wall

Silver Samurai: Saber
Noble Phantasm: Charged Adamantium Katana

Okoye: Lancer
Noble Phantasm: Vibranium Spear

The Punisher: Archer
Noble Phantasm: One Man Army

Dr. Strange: Caster
Noble Phantasms: Eye of Agamoto, Cloak of Levitation

Ghost Rider: Rider (duh!)
Noble Phantasms: Hell Charger, Hell Chains, Penance Stare, Zarathos the Spirit of Vengeance

Well, there you have it. Remember that this is based on our opinions, as we’re huge fans of both Marvel and the Fate series.

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