Southeast Asia has one of the fastest-rising competitive e-Sports communities in the world. Now, Cygames and the organizer of GameStart Asia, Eliphant, announced today that players from Southeast Asia and Oceania (SEAO) will be able to qualify for the Shadowverse World Grand Prix for the first time this year, giving them a chance to compete for the tournament’s first prize of USD 1 million.

The Shadowverse SEAO esports circuit will be run under the auspices of Eliphant’s BEast of the East esports & live production division. It will consist of six $1,000 prize pool online tournaments, one $1,000 Wildcard online tournament, and one $10,000 World Circuit offline tournament, all of which will lead up to the SEAO Contenders Cup. The SEAO Contenders cup will form part of GameStart 2018, Singapore’s largest gaming convention, which takes place on October 13-14. The winner of the SEAO Contenders Cup will secure a place to compete for the USD 1 million first prize on offer at the World Grand Prix, to be held in Japan at the end of the year.

Smash-hit strategy card game Shadowverse is Japan’s leading esports title, having been downloaded over 16 million times and attracting over 8,000 participants to its latest domestic esports tournament. Now players from Southeast Asia can also be part of the next evolution in card games.

And for more details about the SEAO esports calendar, please see full circuit schedule below:
SEAO Shadowverse Open Online Tournament #1 – 14 April
SEAO Shadowverse Open Online Tournament #2 – 12 May
SEAO Shadowverse Open Online Tournament #3 – 16 June
SEAO Shadowverse Open Online Tournament #4 – 14 July
SEAO Shadowverse Open Online Tournament #5 – 18 August
SEAO Shadowverse Open Online Tournament #6 – 15 September
SEAO Shadowverse Wildcard Qualifier (online) – 29 September
SEAO Shadowverse World Circuit (offline) – TBA
SEAO Contenders Cup (regional finals, Singapore) 13 & 14 October
Shadowverse World Grand Prix @ Tokyo, Japan TBA

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