So, a Yakuza boss decides he wants to become an idol producer, so he forces three of his goons to become idols. To be exact, he’s forcing them to be female idols. Well, this is the premise of Jasmine Gyuh’s hilarious comedy manga about yakuza, idols, and traps, Back Street Girls. It’s getting a new TV anime adaptation next season, and now, it’s gotten a new key visual from mangaka Jasmine Gyoh.

The manga follows three Yakuza underlings as they try to act like actual female idols… after being forced by their producer boss of course. And yes, if they don’t do as he wishes, they have to commit suicide, as Yakuza tend to emulate old samurai traditions. It follows them as they face the challenges of hiding their true selves from their ever-loving fans. Amazing what Makeup and a little surgery can do, huh?!

The anime adaptation premieres July 2018, with JC Staff handling the animation. Meanwhile, Higurashi director, Chiaki Kon will be directing this new anime.

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Source: Ota-suke


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