Back in 2008, mangaka Namori launched a new 4-koma comedy manga which would still touch the hearts of readers a decade later. That manga is Yuruyuri, and its official website has revealed that it’s celebrating its 10th anniversary with a bang. According to the announcement, it’s getting a new 10th anniversary OVA, and they’re even releasing a new PV for it.

The new OVA project is titled Yuruyuri Ten. However, the website didn’t reveal any further details, including the release date. But if one thing’s for sure, it’s that fans better expect plenty of laughs, explosions, nose bleeds, and of course, yuri!

The manga currently has 16 compiled volumes released in Japan, with yuri magazine, Comic Yuri Hime, serializing the series. It inspired three main TV anime adaptations, as well as a couple of OVAs.

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