The Evangelion franchise isn’t just about invading angels, giant robots, and angsty teens, but it’s also about one certain penguin named Pen Pen. Believe it or not, Misato’s lovable pet penguin actually serves as the franchise’s mascot character. Recently, Matsue Vogel Park in Shimane prefecture celebrated Evangelion’s connection with penguins with an adorable Eva-themed penguin parade! And they even have their own Pen Pen!

Matsue Vogel Park is an aviary which features trick owl flyers, a swan lake, hanging gardens, and a penguin parade which happens twice a day. These penguin parades usually have a theme, from bow ties to other sorts of costumes. This time, they went with Evangelion.

As for its “Pen Pen,” its real name is Nanami.

The nearby Shimane Art Museum is currently conducting its own Evangelion Art Exhibition. The Eva-themed penguin parade is in conjunction with this exhibition. As for the penguins themselves, they will be waddling out in Evangelion gear until July 9, 2018, which is also the last day of the art museum’s Evangelion Art Exhibition.

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Source: ChibibimMatsue Vogel Park via ANN



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