The Persona franchise has become one of the most successful JRGP franchises today. And recently, the producer of the Persona dancing games, Kazuhisa Wada, sat down for an interview to talk about the franchise. He also revealed that Atlus has mid and long-term plans when it comes to the Persona games.

Wada said that they’re working on several “medium and long-term plans,” and that also includes “numbered titles”. These “numbered titles” that he’s talking about may pertain to plans regarding a Persona 5 or 7 game in the future. He said that they’re doing so, so that fans can enjoy the franchise next year and beyond.

In the interview, Wada also talked about Atlus’s other plans for the Persona franchise. He says that several new collaboration projects with other companies, as well as games.

Finally, he revealed that Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night will continue getting DLC until August.  He also stated that these two games will be getting free DLC every week as well.

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