Attack on Titan Season 3 will finally be premiering next season, and Japanese online retailer, Super Groupies is celebrating it too! In fact, they’re releasing a special new lingerie set, which is inspired by the Survey Corps uniform of course!

The left cup of the bra itself features the Survey Corps’ signature Wings of Freedom insignia. It also comes with a detachable waist cloth as well as white panties. The waist cloth can also act as a skirt, and wearers can remove it easily.

Super Groupies is now accepting pre-orders via their official website, but only until June 3, 2018. The entire set costs 10,584 yen (tax included), and they will release it in October. The bras are available from A-cup to F-cup as well.

As for Attack on Titan Season 3 itself, the new anime will premiere in Japan on July 22, 2018. It will continue where the previous season left off, with Eren and the others delving deep into the mysteries of the titans and the walls.

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