Looks like Bushiroad’s BanG Dream multimedia franchise has been very busy as of late. This is because they’ve just announced via twitter that the anime will be getting two new seasons. Season 2 will premiere in January 2019, while Season 3 will premiere in October 2019. In addition, they also revealed a new key visual to celebrate the two new seasons, as well as a teaser PV.

The PV confirms that Sanzigen will be BanG Dream’s new anime studio for the 2nd and 3rd seasons. This means that they’re replacing ISSEN and XEBEC on the animation production for the series.

But this isn’t the only new anime that BanG Dream is getting because last April, they also announced Pastel Life. This new spin-off anime will focus on the members of the band, Pastel*Palettes, and their everyday lives.

And it seems that the franchise is also going down the all-male band path as well. They will be launching a new band named “Argonavis,” and it will be featuring guys instead of the usual all-girl band. The band will be featuring seiyuu Shuuta Morishima, Seiji Maeda, and Daisuke Hyuga. They will be holding their first live concert together in July.

However, Bushiroad President Takaaki Kidani said that this male version will have a different world setting than that of the all-girl group. He said that it will be a completely new work and the two worlds won’t be intermingling.

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