Yana Toboso is one of the most well-known mangaka in the world because of Black Butler. However, while she does have her own work, she also admitted that she’s a fan of other franchises. And if her twitter page is any indication, this includes My Hero Academia. She recently posted a couple of tweets which feature her own fanarts for Todoroki, as well as Iida.

In her tweets, she says that she likes Iida and is looking forward to what happens to him next in Houhei Horikoshi’s manga. As for the Todoroki tweet, she says that the developments in the manga are too intense and it makes her want to draw more fanarts.

However, it should be noted that My Hero Academia ain’t Yana Toboso’s only fandom. She’s also a notable Touken Ranbu fangirl, and also loves Kuroko’s Basketball. She also seems to play Fate/Grand Order a lot as well. But then again, being a mangaka is stressful, so playing games and reading other manga gets her the much-needed break she needs.

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