The great Leiji Matsumoto has been responsible for a lot of Science Fiction classics like Space Battleship Yamato and Captain Harlock. He’s also responsible for the classic manga and anime series, Galaxy Express 999. And now, the series is getting itself its own live-action TV series.

The series will premiere in June 18 in Japan via BS Sky Perfect. It will star Chiaki Kuriyama as Maetel, as well as comedian Ohshirou Maeda as Tetsurou. The TV show’s staff even revealed the two actors in costume as their respective characters.

The staff also announced the other cast members as well. They include Kaname Ouki as Queen Emeraldas, Toshiyuki Someya as Count Mecha, Jun Hashimoto as Tochirou Ooyama, and Takashi Ukaji as Antares.

The show will feature CGI elements to show the world which Leiji Matsumoto created. It will be a live broadcast, which will also feature a live 30-minute talk program hosted by Akinori Nakagawa. The actor and host will also be playing Tetsurou in the upcoming live-action stage play of the popular classic anime.

The original series follows the adventures of a young orphan boy named Tetsurou, as he rides the space train with a mysterious lady named Maetel. He seeks to obtain a cybernetic body in his adventures.

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