In the world of cutting-edge robot technology, Japan may be #1 in the world. After all, they just love their robots, from Gundam to Astro Boy to Mazinger Z. And now, they have even developed their own transformer with the help of Kunio Okawara, the original mecha designer of the 1979 Gundam anime. It’s called the J-deite RIDE, and it can transform from a car to a giant robot. And the best part? People can actually ride it!

Two full-size adults can ride the car, which can then transform into a 4-meter robot. It is a joint project between Brave Robotics, Asratec, and Sansei Technologies, and yes, it can actually move too!

And while it certainly is impressive, unfortunately, its creators aren’t too keen on selling it. But they do plan on displaying it on exhibitions during events, and even using it as an amusement park attraction.

And while it can drive in its car mode and walk in its robot mode, its range of motion is still a bit limited. This means we’re still a long way to go to see giant robots really fighting like the ones in an anime… sorry Kuratas and Megabots.

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