Kingdom Hearts III recently held a special Premiere Event, which showed new footage from the upcoming game. However, there is an embargo regarding the information coming from the event. But one attendee somehow leaked the images on 4chan. He was kicked from the forum, and his images deleted, but not before they have already been circulated in the internet. Here are the leaked images:

The images don’t just tease the previously-announced world of Toy Story, but also Wreck-It-Ralph. It also teases a mysterious blue-haired female character as well. It also teases a Fix-It-Felix game from Wreck-It-Ralph.

The Premiere Event’s embargo will lift at around 6:00pm Pacific Time in the United States. But thanks to the leak, new information has also been revealed. However, there is still no official confirmation about these images yet, so stay tuned for more announcements, or the video itself.

Kingdom Hearts III will be released for both the Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4 later this year.

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