After releasing the life-size statue of OreImo’s Ayase Aragaki, Figurex has now started teasing the life-size statue of Kuroneko. And much like the Ayase Aragaki life-size statue, they will be selling it as well,

They will be releasing only 10 statues, and Figurex will be opening reservations on June 1, and closing it on July 17. They will then release the figure itself by late November 2018. The figure features Kuroneko doing a Makeki-neko or a beckoning cat pose while wearing a pink frilly dress.  It measures in at 139cm, including the pedastal. Well, it certainly ain’t as risque as the Ayase figure.

However, if you really want this figure, be prepared to fork over some cash. You see, this life-size Kuroneko statue costs 1,480,000, and that still doesn’t include the tax and the shipping cost. And because they will only release 10, Figurex will be opening a lottery to decide which rich Kuroneko fan will get to buy one. They will be announcing the results of the lottery on July 24, 2018.

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