For the Love Live! franchise, you either love it or you absolutely loathe it. While yes, it has some of the most loyal and die-hard fans in anime, it also has a ton of haters who consider the anime and its fans as trash. And now, it seems that a few of these haters have gone a bit too far as they have harassed Love Live! Sunshine!! director, Kazuo Sakai, online. Some of them even threatened to harm his family. Of course, the director didn’t take this lying down and went online to talk about his harassers.

In his tweet, the director said that there will always be various opinions regarding any anime. He says that its natural that he also gets negative comments regarding his work, Love Live! Sunshine!!. However, he finds a few comments intolerable, especially the ones regarding his family. This is why he will be blocking all of these accounts. In a separate tweet, he said that he’s also considering legal action against these people.

The tweet also referenced several accounts impersonating as him, and he’s also considering legal action against them.

But he’s not the only one who anime fans harassed online because several people also harassed Darling in the Franxx producer, Yuuichi Fukushima. But whatever the case, it’s never good when people take their anime fandom too far and actually threaten other people. In other words, if you don’t like an anime, please don’t threaten its staff, cast, and their families.

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