Magical Girl anime tend to be fluffy and lighthearted. However, since Madoka Magica, the trend for darker and edgier Magical Girl anime has taken over, and one of these is Magical Girl Site. The anime is quite brutal, and now, it seems that it a media watchdog group has gotten a complaint about the series. Particularly, it looks like the complaint isn’t just about the violence and brutality, but also its portrayal of bullying.

The media watchdog group, Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BPO), received several complaints about a “certain late night anime”. The complaints range from “assault against junior high school students and sexual violence” to “includes a scene that encourages bullying”.

While the complaints didn’t mention any title, many seem to conclude thay’re talking about Magical Girl Site. The anime features extreme bullying, with the main character pondering suicide because of her treatment. The characters are also junior high school students, with the first episode depicting attempted rape. The first episode itself is very uncomfortable to watch, as main character Aya Asagiri suffers through both her life in school and at home.

BPO has been getting complaints about anime for years now. Several examples include Seven Mortal Sins and Eromanga SenseiGintama, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans, Scum’s Wish, and of course, Shimoneta.

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