Starting 2019, the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) will open in Singapore, and will cut through from the north to the south. Japan’s Taisei Corporation is the company behind the construction of this new MRT line, and they contracted Comix Wave Films, the same studio behind the hit anime movie, your name., to do a commercial about them. And for this commercial, none other that your name.’s director himself, Makoto Shinkai, directed it.

The ad featured Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay skyline, as well as Marina Bay Sands itself. Of course, the new MRT line will be passing through the area. The ad itself followed a female engineer as she works on Taisei Corporation’s Singaporean MRT line project.

This would be Shinkai’s third ad for the construction company, as he previously featured their other projects in Turkey and Vietnam. The company focuses on construction and real estate, and their Makoto Shinkai ads usually focus on their Japanese construction workers.

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