Square Enix recently held a demo for gaming press in California for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III game. However, several images from the event leaked out to the public before Square Enix lifted an information ban about what they showed during the event. Now, several videos have been released regarding the demo, and here they are:

The new videos featured several upcoming worlds like “Toy Box” from Toy Story and “Olympus” from Hercules. It also gave us a taste of Sora’s new summon, Wreck-It Ralph. The demos also showed several new Keyblade forms, such as Infinity Badge from Toy Story, Smile Gear from Monsters Inc, and Ever After from Tangled.

As for the game’s own release, PlayStation Blog (USA) stated that game director Tetsuya Nomura will be revealing more information about its release, including the release date itself, next month.

Kingdom Hearts III will be released for both the Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4 later this year.

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