Yu Yu Hakusho is returning with a brand new OVA story, and Weekly Shounen Jump magazine has now revealed new details on this new anime. According to the manga magazine’s issue #23, the OVA will adapt the “Two Shot” bonus chapter from the manga’s seventh volume, as well as the manga’s penultimate chapter “All or Nothing.”

 “Two Shot” will tell the story of how Hiei and Kurama met, while “All or Nothing” will feature Yuusuke and the other main characters trying to solve a Spirit World hostage crisis.

Director and storyboarder Noriyuki Abe will be returning to studio Pierrot for the OVA, with the 90’s anime’s main cast returning. They are Nozomu Sasaki as Yusuke Urameshi, Shigeru Chiba as Kazuma Kuwabara, Megumi Ogata as Kurama, and Nobuyuki Hiyama as Hiei.

As for the OVA’s release, it will come with the fourth and final Blu-ray set for Yu Yu Hakusho’s 25th Anniversary home video release. The Blu-ray sets will have:

  • 1st set to be released on July 27 and will contain the “Spirit Detective” arc
  • 2nd set to be released on August 28 and will contain the “Dark Tournament” arc
  • 3rd set to be released on September 26 and will contain the “Sensui” arc
  • 4th set to be released on September 26 and will contain the “Demon World” arc and the new OVA

All four sets will also have clean (creditless) versions of the anime’s OP and ED sequences.

The manga by Hunter x Hunter’s Yoshihiro Togashi follows 14-year-old delinquent Yusuke Urameshi, who dies after saving a child in a car accident. The Spirit World is surprised by his death and offers him a chance to come back as a “spirit detective” who is tasked with defeating demons. The manga inspired a TV anime, which became a classic. It was also very successful in the Philippines, where people know the series by the title, Ghost Fighter.

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Source: ANN


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