Makoto Shinkai has gained a reputation for including some breathtaking locations in his anime movies. And these locations also translate well into his anime, and make his movies even more magical. And while some are fictional locations which you can’t find in the real world, there is a real place which looks like it came right out of a Makoto Shinkai movie.

You can find the town of Mitoyo in Kagawa Prefecture, and it sports a 1Km stretch of beach called Chichibugahama Beach. In the summer, it’s a popular swimming spot, but off-season, it’s also a good spot for sunset photo sessions. And yes, many of these photos look like Shinkai was the one behind the camera.

The best time to get these Shinkai-esque photos is during sunset, when the low tide forms a shallow pool of water which beautifully reflects the sky. As the photos above show, they make a kind of mirror which makes the photos even more breath-taking.

To get to Chichibugahama beach, one must take the Yosan Line from Takamatsu to Takuma Station. Then, they just have to take the bus to Chichibugahama bus stop, and then, it’s a short walk away.

Now, wouldn’t this be a great place to cosplay as Shinkai movie characters, huh?

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source: Sora News 24


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