Sony recently held its Sony Investor Relations Day 2018 event in Tokyo last May 22, 2018. And during a presentation, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO John (Tsuyoishi) Kodera made a shocking announcement, as he said that the PlayStation 4 is already at the “Final Phase of its Lifecycle”. And in light of this, he added that recurring revenue from user subscription services such as PlayStation Plus will ease the impact of fewer sales.

Kodera also added an outline of Sony’s plan to continue strengthening and investing in existing first-party IP. Of course, this includes anime, as well as music. They aim to “leverage and expand existing franchises as an area of potential growth”. The current middle management plan period for the PS4 ends in 2021, and Kodera says it “will be a temporary squatting period for the sake of PlayStation making further leaps.”

As for the PlayStation VR, the Sony CEO says that it continues to sell well. However, its sales growth is a bit slower than they had expected. His presentation also stated that PlayStation VR, PlayStation Vue, and ForwardWorks need improvements, and “utilizing these businesses to strengthen user engagement is key.”

The company’s PS4 strategy for the fiscal year of 2018, which started last April 2018, enrich and utilize exclusive titles for PlayStation 4, leverage the platform’s install base and active users, and grow and improve recurring revenue (PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Store, PlayStation Now, etc.).

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