The manga industry loses millions of yen every year because of piracy. However, it seems that the publishers are now fighting back, and one of the is Shogakukan. The publishing giant has a lot of magazines under their belt, such as CoroCoro Comic and Weekly Shounen Sunday. These two magazines alone have churned out plenty of anime adaptations, from Pokemon to Detective Conan. And now, 23 of Shogakukan’s manga magazines are banding together to fight piracy.

They’re calling this new campaign “NO! Piracy & Illegal Website”. It aims to eradicate the use of illegal websites for reading manga by posting announcements and ads via the company’s various magazines and digital hubs. These includes their official manga reading apps, as well as their official website. Their idea is to promote the legal options to read manga and have the readers themselves  participate in rejecting piracy. These include not reading pirated physical copies of manga, or reading in illegal sites.

The campaign also stated that last year, the number of people using illegal pirate sites have increased. And because of this, they now pose a threat to the legal digital manga market, which Shogakukan also has. It also claimed that because the legal digital market is losing money to pirate sites, as people don’t tend to pay for manga they’ve already read in pirate sites because they’re free, it may lead to the decline of the manga industry as a whole.

As for the company itself, they’ve been asking pirate sites to remove the content they own over the last decade. They’re also working with local police, as well as foreign law enforcement to identify and track down the administrators of these pirate sites. However, despite this, they revealed that these pirate sites still remain and are still showing their content. They also stated that just one large pirate site caused 400 billion yen in damages. And when combined with other pirate sites, they did far more damage.

Because of this, the company is now changing tactics is to make people go for legal options like physically buying their manga in legit stores, or their various legal digital manga options. These pirate websites earn money through advertisers, and their ad revenue is based on the number of views. By taking away these views, Shogakukan aims to “exhaust” the website’s ad revenues.

The company has now launched their “NO! Piracy & Illegal Website” campaign last June 4 with the latest edition of Big Comic Spirits magazine. They will then launch it in their other manga publications, with a total of 23 magazines participating in the campaign.

Shogakukan’s manga properties don’t just include Detective Conan and Pokemon, but also a lot of other titles. These include Doraemon, Hayate the Combat Butler, Magi, Cardfight Vanguard, BanG Dream!, and many more. They also have a presence here in Southeast Asia with Shogakukan Asia. The local arm is also responsible for those Lee Kuan Yew biographical comics, as well as showcasing Singaporean and regional talent.

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