The Cat Bus from Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece, My Neighbor Totoro, is one of the most iconic “vehicles” in Japanese animation. Imagine if you were to run into one while driving around at night. This is what twitter-user ryouta_3 saw when he was “driving” around Hiroshima, and luckily, he filmed the whole thing.

The witness filmed the whole thing right around Kokutai-ji Temple, and it appears to be an unofficial replica. The Cat Bus itself was seen lurking around the sidewalk and surprised many passers-by in cars and bicycles.

It’s still a mystery who made this replica cat bus, though the one who uploaded the video said it was a remodeled bicycle. However, the video did go viral as expected. Twitter users retweeted the video over 21,000 times, and got over 41,000 likes.

I wonder how Hayao Miyazaki thinks of this when he sees it…

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