Even with Akira Toriyama not being the mangaka for Dragon Ball Super, the series remains as one of the most popular manga right now. Its new mangaka, Toyotaro, has gained praises from fans as well. But now, he’s currently in hot water because of his illustration for the July edition of V Jump magazine.

The cover artwork features Super Saiyan Blue Goku squaring off against Yu-Gi-Oh’s Yuya Sakaki. However, several fans online have noticed something, and that it’s copying Captain America’s stance from a recent comic from Marvel.

Now, fans are accusing Toyotaro of tracing, a big no-no for many professional artists out there. Many consider the act of tracing as outright plagiarism, and is generally frowned upon by many in the comic book community, and that includes other Japanese mangaka.

So far, Toyotaro hasn’t hasn’t said the reason he did such a thing. Many artists and fans online have agreed that the Goku pose is too similar and too perfectly aligned with the original Captain America pose that he had to be tracing it.

But now, word of the art theft has reached the comic book artist who drew the comic, Dexter Soy. He apparently has mixed feelings about it as he’s also a Dragon Ball fan. He feels flattered by Toyotaro copying his work, but feels weird at the same time.

The comparisons are currently generating buzz throughout both fandoms, though many Dragon Ball fans are also urging Toyotaro to come clean as well. But one thing’s for sure though, tracing and plagiarism are not cool.

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Source: Sora News 24


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