Despite getting larger and larger, anime is still a very risky business. Its current business model, which mostly relies on Blu-ray and DVD sales rather than TV broadcasts, has been quite disastrous for many animation studios. Simply put, if nobody buys your Blu-rays and DVD releases, then your anime is a failure. And now, it seems that another studio may be filing for bankrupcy in this tough business. This time, it’s Production IMS.

According to credit research company Tokyo Shoko Research (TSR), the animation studio is in debt, and has now started consolidating it. TSR also cited that an inside source from Production IMS told them that the staff are now entering legal proceedings to file for bankruptcy.

However, the studio itself hasn’t officially confirmed anything, and has not yet made a public statement. However, the TSR did report that the company was doing a bit of downsizing and restructuring last December. The company also has a few allegations that it’s not paying its animators at all.

 The studio is best known for producing several anime, most notable Date A Live II and High School Fleet/Haifuri. They also produced Inari Kon Kon, Active Raid, and The Testament of Sister New Devil. Their most recent anime was the drinking anime Takunomi.

Previosuly, renowned animation studio, Manglobe, filed for bankruptcy as well. This just shows how tough it is to make it into the animation industry in Japan.

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Source: Tokyo Shoko Research


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