My Hero Academia: One’s Justice already has a very impressive line-up. And now, two more villains are joining the roster of playable characters. The first one is Himiko Toga, and she’s bringing her ax-crazy self in the game to hunt down some heroes. Misato Fukuen is voicing her for the game. She can use fast knife attacks, as well as use her quirk to transform into her opponents.

The second villain added is Dabi, who uses his powerful blue flame attacks from a distance, making him an excellent zoning character. Hiro Shimono reprises his role from the anime into the game as Dabi.

And while Bandai Namco publishes the game, Byking will be the ones developing it. They will release the game in Japan on August 3, 2018. However, a Southeast Asian version will also be released here in our region, and it will be released for the PS4, PC, Xbox ONE, and Nintendo Switch.

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