Nakaba Suzuki’s The Seven Deadly Sins (the one with Melodias and not the one with the sexy demons) is getting its own live-action stage play, which boasts a stellar cast. And now, the play’s staff have finally revealed the cast in costume! They even revealed a brand new key visual as well:

The play’s cast of characters will include the following:

Takeru Naya sa Meliodas

NOGIZAKA46 idol Minami Umezawa as Elizabeth

Shoutaro Arisawa as Ban

Kasumi Hasegawa as Diane

Naoki Saitou as King

Ryou Kitamura as Gowther

Bishin Kawasumi as Howzer

Yuuki Nomura as Griamore

Moka Kodama as Jericho

Akira Kubodera as Helbram

Teruma as Hendrickson

Sacas Narasaka as as Slader

Asami Tano as Guila

Tetsuji Sakakibara as Gilthunder

Kanon Nanaki as Veronica

This 2.5D play will first happen from August 3-12 in Tokyo before heading to Osaka from August 18-20. It will focus on the manga’s first arc where Elizabeth seeks the aid of the Seven Deadly Sins after the Holy Knights run wild with power. And while running away from her pursuers, she runs into a short little barkeep, who also happens to be the very captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, Melodias himself.

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