It looks like Japan’s anti-piracy campaign against illegal sites are now paying off. Mangamura, one of the biggest manga pirate sites in Japan, was shut down last April, with Japanese publishers suing site administrators. And now, several mangaka have reported sales increases for their works after the site’s closure.

Because of the increased sales, these mangaka are claiming that more and more readers are turning to legal means when reading manga. Shoujo mangaka Toriko Gin (Kimi wo Shinasenai tame no Storia) claims that her sales doubled after the site went down. The same also goes for fellow Shoujo mangaka, Hika Mayama, who claimed that her royalties have increased about 4-5 times.The same also goes for Konohana Kitan and Gosick mangaka Sakuta Ayano, who commented that official or legal manga sites are actually getting more visitors. Meanwhile, Shounen Onmyouji mangaka Mitsuru Yuuki says that this is good news and thanked buyers who actually paid to read their manga.

And it’s not just mangaka who seem to be reaping benefits of the pirate site’s shutdown. This is because Light novel authors also seem to be enjoying it as well. Akinori Satake, the author behind the Gyaku Seichou Cheat de Sekai Saikyou light novels also claimed that his book sales have increased. He also added that those who claim that pirate sites increase name recognition for manga and therefore help increase their sales is just a simple and convenient assumption. The author argued that people who read manga in pirate sites for free would most likely not buy the manga they’ve already read.

Japan has been stepping up its anti-piracy campaign lately, and big publishers like Shogakukan have also launched their own campaigns as well. And in addition to Mangamura’s closure, Japanese police also arrested five Chinese nationals tied to anime and manga piracy.

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