In Japan, some cosplayers actually make a living out of cosplay. One of them is Uramaru, who Abema TV calls “Japan’s #1 Young Cosplayer”. In one of their shows, whose title translates in English as “Salary Statement”, they featured Uramaru. And as the title of their show suggests, they explore how she earns her money, and how much she earns.

The program revealed that she earns about 10,000 yen per minute in her photo shoots.  She then earns an additional 1,000 yen for two-shot checks. The cosplayer also said that she once earned 277,000 yen on a photo op and selling merchandise alone. She schedules around 2-3 photo sessions every month, and her average monthly income is about 300,000 yen. That’s roughly around 2,730 US dollars, or 3,700 SG dollars.

However, Uramaru doesn’t just earn through photo shoots alone, as she also makes her own merchandise. As for their sales, she pockets around 20-30%. She also makes radio appearances, as well as designs characters.

The program also visited her home in Nagoya, which showed an average Japanese side room with a kitchen for 85,000 yen a month. However, what’s impressive about her home is her closet, which is filled with costumes, as well as everyday clothes. However, she does admit that she lives quite the meager lifestyle despite earning much. She also admitted that she mostly only eats cup ramen.

As for her photo sessions, many find that she charges too much. However, those who have worked with her say that she’s really worth that money. In fact, she claims that some students save up money from their part-time jobs just to go to Nagoya and have monthly photo sessions with her. And with a 300,000 yen per month earnings, let’s just say business is booming.

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source: Livedoor News, images via Uramaru’s personal twitter page


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