Mangaka kakifly helped revolutionize the anime and manga industry by introducing us to a certain manga and anime series called K-On! And now, he’s back with a new K-On! manga. Manga Time Kirara has just dropped a huge bombshell in their July issue, e announcing that kakifly will be doing a new manga titled “K-On! Shuffle”. The manga magazine also revealed a new visual for his new work:

However, it seems that the new series won’t be following the members of Houkago Tea Time anymore. As the new visual suggests, K-On! Shuffle’s new protagonist will be a drummer instead of a guitarist like Yui. The preview also features the tagline,  “A new musical movement, the performance begins”. The announcement also didn’t reveal much about the new manga, but expect the moe genre pioneer to make some waves with his new work.

This new manga will debut on July 9, 2018, inside the pages of Manga Time Kirara’s August issue. Expect the magazine to reveal more announcements about this new manga in the days to come.

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