YouTube has now truly become a platform for people to show off their talents. This is true in Japan where several individuals have gained the notoriety of being popular as YouTubers. One of them is a YouTube channel known as Fischer’s-セカンダリ-. Founded by a group of friends, Fischers consists of members with different jobs and skills. And now, the YouTubers are teaming up with One Piece for a very special crossover manga as announced by Saikyou Jump.

According to the magazine, they will be releasing One Piece’s crossover with the YouTubers on August 3, 2018, inside the magazine’s September issue. It will feature the members of the YouTube group appearing in the world of One Piece. So yeah, just have a really popular YouTube channel and you can appear in a One Piece manga. But to be fair, the channel is rated as one of the country’s most popular YouTube channels and all.

Aside from the crossover manga, the magazine also announced that the 34th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump will be making a “shocking important announcement” as it gets released on July 23. Both the announcement and the crossover manga are part of the “One Piece day” 21st anniversary celebrations for July 22.

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source: ANN


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