Yesterday, a magnitude 6.1 Earthquake hit the city of Osaka, Japan, causing millions of yen worth of damage. Unfortunately, it also took the lives of at least four people. The quake also affected several industries in the city, including the Universal Studios Japan theme park, as well as the anime and video game industries. Fortunately, several animators and video game staff checked in at twitter to report that they’re OK. However, their stuff inside their offices are not, as animator Takuji Yoshimoto tweeted out. He also reported that there was a crack in the building where his studio is located.


Osaka is also home to game development studio, White Owls. The studio’s founder, Hidetaka Suehiro, posted that they’re OK too, but are still trembling.

The damage in Osaka by the earthquake isn’t really as big as the one in Kumamoto a few years ago, but it still took several lives and injured plenty of people. Fortunately, relief operations are still ongoing, though a lot of property has been destroyed.

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