Whenever you’re visiting a place that you’re not familiar with, it’s best to show your best behavior. The same also rings true for anime fans, especially when they’re visiting anime pilgrimage sites. However, recently, it seems that a few Persona 5 fans have been misbehaving in some of these sites which both the game and the anime featured. This then prompted the anime and game franchise’s official website to tell fans to behave themselves properly.

The game takes place in Tokyo, and features several real-life areas. And naturally, withe the success of the game, as well as the TV anime, fans of the franchise flocked to these areas. And while the website didn’t state which of these pilgrimage sites was affected, it told fans several specific behaviors they couldn’t do there. This includes accessing some business facilities and just loiter there, taking pictures where it’s not allowed, throwing trash properly, and not damaging property.

The staff posted the request in both Japanese and English, and here is the announcement:

Greetings from the Persona PR team!

Since the release of ‘Persona 5’, there have been many users visiting areas based on real-world areas in the game, which itself is no issue; however, we have unfortunately been seeing some acts that are troubling the locals.

We sincerely ask that you please keep in mind social manners during your travels, and to not:

– Enter facilities for purposes other than using its services
– Take photographs in places that prohibit it
– Leave rubbish lying around
– Cause damage to a property

In order for those who played ‘PERSONA 5’ and/or those who are watching ‘PERSONA 5: The Animation’ to comfortably enjoy the experience without causing an inconvenience for others, your understanding and cooperation would be truly and greatly appreciated.

While anime tourists help revitalize several areas in Japan such as Oarai (Girls und Panzer) and Chichibu (AnoHana), it’s still best to respect the locals who live there. Remember when those vandals defaced Love Live man holes in Numazu, prompting the city to pull them out? There’s a possibility that several areas might ban anime pilgrims because of poor behavior. So guys, remember, behave.

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