Sometimes, fans can do the darnest things, and this is especially true for anime. During a collaboration with the Japan Racing Association (JRA), Pop Team Epic asked fans to make their own avatars of Popuko and Pipimi. And if they reach one million fan-made avatars, they would unlock a “mysterious” prize. Well, as it turns out, that prize is a new episode of the Pop Team Epic anime, and guess what the fans did? That’s right, they actually made one million avatars of the two Pop Team Epic characters. And because of this, the show is getting a new episode!

However, this new episode wont get a TV broadcast, but the staff will indeed release it online. But what will this new episode be all about? Well, it’s Pop Team Epic, so expect the unexpected, from making fun of other anime to other shenanigans. Remember, Pop Team Epic is pretty much just “Internet Shitposting the Animated series”.

But then again, neither the JRA nor the Pop Team Epic staff revealed more information about this new online episode. However, do expect them to reveal more details in the days to come.

So, what sort of shenanigans will Popuko and Pipimi be up to this time?

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