The Spring 2018 anime season has plenty of great romance anime, and one of them is 3D Kanojo: Real Girl. And now, the anime is getting itself a second season because the anime’s staff have just announced it. Series mangaka Mao Nanami even released a special illustration to celebrate the announcement:

According to the announcement, the second season will premiere in January 2019. NTV’s AniChu programming block is currently airing the first season, and they revealed that it will also air this next one.

Both the anime and manga follow loner high school student Hikari “Tsuttsun” Tsutsui, who prefers 3D girls over real girls. He considers his school’s most popular girl, Iroha, as the worst offender on why he hates real girls. However, everything changes when Iroha herself approached him while cleaning the pool.

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