Tokyo Ghoul:Re is getting its own survival-action game for the PlayStation 4 titled Tokyo Ghoul:Re: Call to Exist. And now, Bandai Namco has launched a new official website and twitter page for the game. These new pages have revealed the game’s first key visual, which features the two sides of Ken Kaneki.

The official website also revealed the very first look from the game itself by revealing a few still images featuring Kaneki. There’s even one which features him alongside Tohka!

Bandai Namco will be releasing the game for the PlayStation 4 in winter, and it will have both online and online co-op battles in addition to a single player mode. As for its story, the game will be telling it from the perspective of three characters. So far, the staff still haven’t revealed much, but do expect them to reveal more in the days to come.

As for the Sui Ishida’s manga, Tokyo Ghoul:re is already ending in a few more chapters. However, the staff also confirmed that the anime adaptation is also getting a second season as well.

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