Believe it or not, racism actually exists in Japan. Mostly, these Japanese racists discriminate against Chinese or Koreans, as well as other foreigners living in Japan. And recently, one upcoming anime is causing a stir not only in Japan, but in China as well. That upcoming anime is the isekai series, “[New Life+] Young Again in Another World”.

Twitter user @SonmiChina explained that the original light novels center on a Japanese protagonist who killed more than 3,000 people with a katana during the Second Sino-Japanese War, which was waged between China and Japan from 1937-1945. After living to the age of 94, After killing another 2,000 people through the course of his life, he then gets reincarnated in a different world, this time as an 18-year old man.

Of course, this caused a debate whether or not the protagonists background deliberately celebrates the killing of Chinese citizens during the conflict. While some said it was just too much and that it was basically just glorifying genocide, others said it was just a fictional exaggeration . However, whether this is an exaggeration or not still demeans China, as well as the Chinese people who suffered much atrocities at the hands of the Japanese during that period. This evokes several Japanese atrocities, such as the infamous Nanking Massacre, which saw 50,000–300,000 Chinese, many of whom are civilians, being murdered by Japanese soldiers. Many in China, as well as Taiwan, still consider the massacre as genocide.

And it isn’t just the light novels’ protagonist that’s getting the controversy, but author MINE as well. @SonmiChina posted screenshots of several of the author’s tweets, which he says is “Anti-Chinese hate speech”.


He called the country of China as “Bug Country” and said several derogatory insults toward the country. He also has some anti-Korean sentiment as well, and also posted several demeaning tweets about South Korea.

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