The city of Numazu in Shizuoka Prefecture will always be tied with Love Live! Sunshine!!. The anime has given so much to the city, including much-needed tourism revenue, as the anime’s story is set there. In fact, thousands of tourists flood the city every month just because of the anime. And because of its ties with the series, the city decided to install some Love Live! Sunshine!!-themed manhole covers around the city after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Of course, everything was doing well for a couple of weeks… until some vandals arrived. These vandals then proceeded to deface these manhole by spray painting them all over. Particularly, they vandalized Dia and You’s covers, as shown by Numazu city councilman Ryuu Ozawa.

Unfortunately, because of the incident, the city of Numazu has decided to pull these manhole covers out. Officials are still unsure who did this or why it happened, but they’ve already launched an investigation. The city also plans to reinstall these manhole covers once the investigation concludes. They then apologized to everyone who wanted to see the Love Live! Sunshine!!-themed covers.

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