Attack on Titan Season 3 comes into the new season with a ton of hype. And now, the anime’s new OP theme song singer, X Japan member Yoshiki, has revealed a new video. This video reveals Yoshiki feat. HYDE’s song, “Red Swan,” which of course serves as the anime’s OP theme song. This would be the first time Linked Horizon isn’t the ones performing the song for the opening credits.

Meanwhile, the staff also revealed the CD cover artwork for the artist’s upcoming single:

The anime itself will premiere in Japan today, July 22, 2018. It will continue where the second season left off, with the Survey Corps members still trying to solve the mysteries of the titans. However, it seems that they’re also going up against a much more dangerous foe, the royal family. This new season would also be exploring more about Levi’s past, as well as Historia’s.

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