Last year, Chinese police raided the factory and offices of notorious bootleg Gundam manufacturer, Gundam Momoko. Bandai China then formally sued the company and its CEO for copyright infringement. And now, a Chinese court has finally found the company of copyright infringement.

The Chinese court then sentenced the company’s CEO to three-and-a-half years in prison. They also fined him 1.9 million Chinese Yuans for his crimes.

Bandai China officially sued the bootleg company for copyright infringement last November 2017. This then led to Chinese police raiding Dragon Momoko’s factory and offices, confiscating equipment and kits.

The decision sent shock waves to the GunPla community, as this shows that Bandai will be stricter when it comes to bootlegs. Furthermore, this shows that they may be going after other Gundam bootleg manufacturers very soon.

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